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How can I protect against floods?

What are floodboards?

Floodboards (or flood barriers) are removable barriers that can be placed across openings, such as doors, in the event of a flood. There are a number of specifically designed, commercially available products that can be bought and fitted. If you buy floodboards, you should look for a product that has a quality assurance mark (such as the ‘kite’ mark).


It is also possible to make your own floodboards, although care should be taken to make sure that the barrieris strong enough and that it fits properly in the opening for which it is intended to form a proper seal.


The easiest way to make floodboards is to construct a wooden or metal barrier that is secured flat against a wall, door or across gateways or paths by means of a frame. The pressure of the floodwater itself will help seal the barrier. The efficiency of the boards will be determined by the strength of the walls and the durability of the frame fittings. The most common type of flood board is one which can slide down into the frame, as this can be removed easily when not needed. But you can also make a hinged variety which can swing closed across any gaps.