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How can I prepare for floods?

How will I know a flood is coming?

If you are in a flood risk area, there are various ways to know if a flood might be coming, including:

  • Met Éireann Weather reports (Radio, TV, Internet www.met.ie ) - These might give a warning that heavy rain or flooding is expected
  • Local water levels – Checking to see if water levels in the nearby river, lake or estuary are rising or starting to flood can show if a flood might happen, but be careful not to go into the water, as it may be deeper than you think.
  • Tidal charts – If you live near the sea or an estuary, tidal tables will give you an indication of when high sea levels might be expected. Stormy weather and low-pressure systems can also cause sea levels to rise above their normal levels (surges and high waves) and cause flooding. Irish & UK tidal predictions for 7 days ahead can be seen at www.pol.ac.uk/ntslf/tides/